Welcome to Nargilem® Professional, the premium hookah brand. We manufacture and distribute second-to-none hookahs and hookah accessories made in Europe.
Our products are renowned for their high built quality around Europe and the world. The success story of Nargilem® started more than a decade ago in Turkey and Germany.
Today our hookah design is the most copied style for water pipes around the world, yet unrivalled.


— We are the world’s leading brand for premium hookah pipes —

Our customers around the world are proud to contribute to this message.



With our innovative ideas and quality craftmanship, each and every single one of our hookahs and accessories is a masterpiece of German engineering.


The sleek, refined Nargilem® design with its pure lines and elegant silhouette, has been imitated countless times. Still, our customers feel the difference and remain true to the unique quality statement of our items.


Owning a Nargilem® Professional hookah marks your entry into the world of premium hookahs. Cross the threshold and join thousands of enthusiastic fans that do not separate the terms hookah and quality.


Genuine Nargilem® products are infinitely superior to their imitations. Try one and feel the difference!